Monday, March 22, 2010

Matt Dailey Fan Page

Matt Dailey's fan page is officially open. The page, for right now, is set to relay information posted within this blog so people have another source of information and updates on the campaign. Our hope is that the fan page and this blog will serve as the central hubs for the online campaign and will post information, but not the same information.

Dailey's fan page is located here. We hope you become a fan of the Dailey Movement.


Welcome to "Change You Can Count On"! We are the official blogging site for Belleville, IL City Council candidate Matthew James Dailey.

Dailey, a student currently attending Southern Illinois Univerisity Edwardsville, is vying for an open seat on the city council. This site will feature updates from within the Dailey Campaign, or the "Dailey Updates", along with future important dates (such as debates, political appearences).

Dailey wants to bring change to the city of Belleville. Not the kind of change that can bankrupt your country, but change you can count on and believe in.

We hope we can count on your vote next April. And remember, every vote counts.